Recruiting as a Service (RaaS) Boutique Recruitment Group

Recruiting as a Service (RaaS) Boutique Recruitment Group

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Flawless Recruitment

Founded in 2017, Flawless Recruit is a Boutique Recruitment Consulting Group dedicated to hiring elite technical talent through a white-glove and personalized process focused on scaling Startups.  We are rooted in integrity, creativity and relentless pursuit of success, while having fun.  Flawless Recruit serves your search, one interview at a time, through our multichannel partnerships and RaaS models.


How We Got Started

Anders is a native Seattleite, who studied Economics and Communication at WWU with a passion for Macroeconomics, Technology, and people.  

His Recruiting career started in 2011 at Aerotek, accelerated at Harvey Nash where he ran Recruiting and Sales and developed the Relationship Recruiting approach bringing a white glove consultancy approach to hiring badass Engineering talent for Seattle's top startups.  

Taking time off for travel, family and mindfulness in 2017 helped inspire him to found Flawless Recruit in June 2017. Since then, the boutique approach to service minded Recruiting helps connect Scaling Startups and Engineering Centers with elite Talent.

Our Approach to Recruiting

Flawless Recruit connects Scaling Startups, Engineering Centers and Enterprise Companies with elite Talent through passive and active multi-channel Recruiting strategy.  

They leverage tribal knowledge of the tech eco-system, deep network of talent, referral based recruiting, AI tools and a personalized live Screening process to navigate the Tech Recruiting life-cycle.  

If a Flawless Recruit employee contacts you their intentions are to serve your search, provide a white glove approach, and mutually beneficial outcome.


Flawless Methods



Flawless Recruit specializes in scaling hyper-growth Engineering teams.  We customize a hiring strategy, interview process, and deliver consistent pipeline of qualified candidates excited to interview with your organization.  Whether building a PhD Grad pipeline, building one team, or an entire Org - Flawless Recruit has your back.

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We select, screen and supply you with qualified candidates for:

  • Niche roles

  • Backfill positions

  • New head count

  • Diversity hiring targets



The delicate process of hiring your executive team can be accomplished by partnering with Flawless Recruit through our multi-channel referral approach.  Our relentless Research, Screening and Investigation process provides you with a lineup of candidates who match your organizational values and long term goals.