Our Approach To Recruiting


Flawless Recruit connects Scaling Startups, Engineering Centers, and Enterprise Companies with elite Talent through passive and active multi-channel Recruiting strategy.  They leverage tribal knowledge of the tech eco-system, deep network of talent, referral based recruiting, AI tools and a personalized live Screening process to navigate the Tech Recruiting life-cycle.  If a Flawless Recruit employee contacts you their intentions are to serve your search, provide a white glove approach, and mutually beneficial outcome.

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Happy Customers Include


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Head of Operations @ Grab

"The Flawless Recruit team is a "subject matter expert" on the Skills and Technology for Recruiting.  Their boutique recruitment strategy provides expert insights of the local Startup eco-system. They consistently deliver quality candidates, and get the job done during deadlines!" 


"Anders and his team get how we work.  They do legwork to only provide candidates who not only care about our product, but have the skills to move the needle. Other recruiters play the numbers game.  Flawless Recruit actually looks to make a match."


"Flawless Recruit works hard to understand the details of the skill sets that employees have and recruiters are looking for. The net result is an uncommonly smooth experience for both parties— and a lot less of everyone’s time spent in interviews that result in a “no”.